My Digital Workflow


  • What types of camera/s do you own? (please list specific models)
    I have a Canon Rebel XTI and a Sony Cyber-shot. 
  • What is your favorite camera from the above list? I use the Canon Rebel. 
  • Which camera do you use most frequently from the above list?
    I use my Canon the most. 
  • Do you own a scanner? If so, what model? I have a HP 2600 All-in-One. 


  • Which operating system do you use primarily? I use Mac OX. 
  • How do you transfer your photographs from your camera to your computer?
    I use my card reader for all transfers. 
  • Which operating system/platform do you use for image editing?
    I use Photoshop.
  • What specific photo software do you own? (This could be browsers, cataloging applications, editing programs, workflow applications, calibration software, scanning software, etc.) I use Photoshop and sometimes I use IPhoto.
  • What specific photo software do you have access to?
    I use photoshop. 


  • What type of external hard drive do you own? How large is it?
    I have a Toshiba with a 2TB capacity. 
  • How do you back-up your digital files? (x2) I do all my backup to my Toshiba external hard drive. 


  • Do you own a printer? If so, what model/s? Yes, I do have a printer HP 2600 All-in-One
  • Do you use any online photo printing services? If so, which one/s (please provide a link/s)? I do use Snapfish, My Publisher and CVS photo center. 
  • Do you have a website or blog that you upload your images to?
    This is the only blog that I have. 


  • What additional peripherals do you own? (please list specific models)
     I have my MacPro laptop, iPad, IPhone. 
  • What are your goals for your photography practice?
    My goal is to learn the most, new techniques that I can put to work in the future, new habits of organization that as you already know I am lacking. 

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